A tale made by Stendhal 's team

No one knew at school Boody was the son of a Vampire....well...of a Vampire and of a human.
His mother, Lula, was a charming housewife, during the day...but at night...no one ever knew anything about her nights!!       

His father was Sebastiano Pirella, an Italian mechanic, a quite well-known one in the area, actually.
Boody was an only child, a peculiar one...
He knew every tricks to avoid to eat the food his mother every day, cooked for him: rare steaks...very rare, in a blood pudding! Lula was desperate about it, she feared her son wouldn't grow...but Boody was determined ...he hated that bloody food and threw it to his dog Budino, who waited under the table, to receive his favourite food!
Boody was very good at school, but...was not very loved by his classmates.                                       

He used to call them "Bui", his teacher of Italian recommended him to exercise to be able one day to pronounce properly that word...and many others, of course, even his own name ...Bloody...bulli...were Boody..bui or buies, he studied English and German at school with some efforts!!

Boody couldn't pronounce the L, what a Hell!!!

His problem caused him a sense of inferiority but somehow …
hid the possible "future" meaning of that name: Bloody....blood...!

Budino and his sincere nature helped Boody in his "peculiar" reaction to the Bloody steaks, but Boody was very sneaky and found another solution he called " the L Cure".

He started very early in his life, just after his mother's milk, to drink WOOLITE....SOFLAN...LANEL...MORBIDIL and eat  cereals, vegetables, legumes and rarely...fish!                                         

Boody was sure about it...if he assimilated the L, he would become smooth, soft and tender...like a lamb ...he loved lambs.. he loved animals...he was sorry for the fish...                                                   

During his adolescence, in his search for his identity, that bloody missing L, became a great problem.                   


A NBE+ TALK SHOW presented by Latvia (national play)

Background music is playing and the logo for the show appears on the screen”

Evita: Hello guys! My name is “ -“ and you are watching the NBE+ show special – “Love it or leave it”! If you remember, last week we were talking about Burma, and this week is all about….Latvia! Is it a country? Do they have electricity? Have they heard about Instagram? Shall we love it or leave it? We are going to find out that soon! And now, welcome our guests for from Africa (Kamila), USA (Anželika), Australia (Andrejs), New Zeland (Laila) and China (Alīna), as well as our Latvian experts (Toms and Olesja) ! (background applause sound). Hey guys! How are you? As you know our topic today is L-a-t-v-i-a. What do you guys know about Latvia?

saniKamila: I’ve heard they are very poor….poorer than Africa!

This text was given by Riga's team just before C4 as a lead for the transnational play to write together

"My fear”

There are various fears. Children are afraid of the monster that sits under the bed, out of the darkness, sometimes from the terrible neighborhood boys, who walk around, staring nasty. Adults fear otherwise. They are afraid of war, which takes a loved one from the storms that destroy homes and brings hunger, they are afraid of the death of loved ones. But one of the worst fear is fear itself from itself - from their actions, thoughts and deeds.


Such fear of view, or rather, foresight takes me whenever I hear in the news once again for the dead at a recent skirmish there, as far back as in Iraq, or of thousands of ruined homes and families of tropical storm-stricken areas. It is hard to realize that in me the terrible news will not cause any special emotions - news of Latvian elephant Zuzītes nice living abroad or current dissent in the government of EU companies as calm and self-evident as the fact that Pakistan's small kiddies die behind famine and thousands of people is no longer a house, where to hide, now that winter is approaching. For this thought, I often scared to remain the same from you - how much am notrulinājusies against other misfortunes - that only have a roof over its head and something to eat. No, let alone just to eat! Good food and so that still remain over!Flag of Latvia.svg

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