This text was written before C4 by Ramona and the "Iulian Pop" team. It was a basis for a silent show that Romanian students played in Cesme. From this Transylvanian production was given us the idea to describe together a travel with some troubles to be overcome by a young vampire, this narrative becoming our transnational synopsis. Starting from London was a way to rewrite Bram Stoker's book. Sanita had the first indicated idea to make our characters to go from a country to another one in the same order we had conretely  follow in our partnership....


title : Make your choice


Our story is about you! A normal human taken by fears and courage like it’s in our real life.

The night is almost over, the alarm rings and it’s time to wake up.


As soon you wake up, the fear and the courage are catching you.


The character you can see in the transnational show was imaginated from this synopsis. Vlad's past looks like also to this Italian half vampire's one... It was supposed to be a male character  but casting would may us change... 



Hope is 16 years old when his parents die during a terrorist attack in London.

He is shocked and deeply upset. Because of his loneliness, he is scared by people although he is very well off and shouldn’t worry about his future. He doesn’t trust the estate manager who takes care of him and his properties and family investments, until his majority age.

In his childhood he had been weak and insecure, with an unstable health, very shy with everybody but with a strong bond with his mother. The relationship with his father had been sincere, based on respect and loyalty, they loved each other but his father was always absent for work, so Hope focused his world on the mother.

Two drafts were produced by pupils from the targeted group in LYCEE RAVEL

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From IZEN GABEA synopsis were taken the Basque Vampire character acting in the Transnational show.

From MEMENTO MORI were made a little show to be played by French students.

BDF plage

Le synopis "Memento Mori" a servi de support à l'écriture du dialogue devant être joué par les élèves Français. C'est dans le récit intitulé "Izen Gabea" qu'on a pris le personnage éponyme intervenant dans la scène finale du spectacle transnational : "L'itinéraire d'un vampire" .

We have a lot of fears. Fear of flying fear of darkness or being alone. He has a lot of fears but ambitions Of to beat them as well. For instance he doesn't know where to begin. He can't tell anyone because he is afraid of to be judged. Suddenly he thinks & says "I have to beat my fear. I may go to my best friend or a stranger" Maybe he can go somewhere that he goes for the first time & tell one of the elder men and confide as well.

Flag of Turkey.svgDo you want to know who is?


A boy who is struggling for the future of people.


DUEL / A dialogue written by Maritime High School's team and a very little bit transformed...

Characters : Count Dracula (Tuğkan BÜYÜKETİ) and The Doctor (Emir TÜRKMEN) Vlad, Hope and  the Queen

Cesme fortress

Dracula is not dead. He plotted to trap his nephew in order to save himself from the magic jail he was kept. First he is speaking to his "doctor"...

boatsC.D. (coughs and in a sad voice) What do you say doctor? What is my condition? Will l be able to get out of this bad spell? For 30 years this spell has made me weak. I was Count Drakula, the king of vampires giving horror to the world for centuries! How is it that I stay in pain this damned bad? Speak doctor? Do you want me to give your weak body to death hounds?

Doctor: (In fear) Forgive me, sir!. As a result of a long term research, I can reassure you are the victim of a sorcery ... We have to find the magic sword that your enemies took away from you 30 years ago. It’s the only way, I’m already told you. Somebody or a kin of yours must get it back, or else you’ll get weaker and more feeble in power...

partenariat ERASMUS+ NUITS BLANCHES NBE+ 2015-2018 et eTwinning ILARGIA / coordination internationale Vanderplancke P-L / EUROPEAN LEAGUE OF TEACHERS SINCE 2018