MY FEAR - a Latvian narrative

This text was given by Riga's team just before C4 as a lead for the transnational play to write together

"My fear”

There are various fears. Children are afraid of the monster that sits under the bed, out of the darkness, sometimes from the terrible neighborhood boys, who walk around, staring nasty. Adults fear otherwise. They are afraid of war, which takes a loved one from the storms that destroy homes and brings hunger, they are afraid of the death of loved ones. But one of the worst fear is fear itself from itself - from their actions, thoughts and deeds.


Such fear of view, or rather, foresight takes me whenever I hear in the news once again for the dead at a recent skirmish there, as far back as in Iraq, or of thousands of ruined homes and families of tropical storm-stricken areas. It is hard to realize that in me the terrible news will not cause any special emotions - news of Latvian elephant Zuzītes nice living abroad or current dissent in the government of EU companies as calm and self-evident as the fact that Pakistan's small kiddies die behind famine and thousands of people is no longer a house, where to hide, now that winter is approaching. For this thought, I often scared to remain the same from you - how much am notrulinājusies against other misfortunes - that only have a roof over its head and something to eat. No, let alone just to eat! Good food and so that still remain over!Flag of Latvia.svg

I feel that it is one of the biggest challenges of my generation - everything is centered on himself, to his benefit. If I do well, then everything is in order. If others are also good - wonderful! But if others are bad and grūti- their problematic for the same deal. Either well! If I will be a spare penny, then iemetīšu the donation box - that already is!

Although I will make excuses and say that it has not quite true that I still care about the fate of the human X, but I admit that it is true. And it is this realization that everything you said is true, I was so worried. I'm getting scared themselves. But, as everyone knows to fear a fight! Against my fear - cold and vienaldzību- is definitely a tool.

It would be nice if in pharmacies, along with decongestants and cough syrup bottle, stand and pretbaiļu tablets. Then, before watching the news or to go through the poorer neighborhoods, you should just stay under the tongue the pill, wait to melt, and then safely walk on without any emotions, guilt and compassion ... But this is not magic cures, but I am. I am that which is insensitive and indifferent, so I am the change. Only if I will amend their attitude, their "survival instinct" to change my understanding, only then I will be able to live up to these people - their thoughts, prayers, attitudes towards other people. I guarantee that this drug - compassion - help against my fear. Fear of indifference. 


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