HOPE : the Background by Italian team


The character you can see in the transnational show was imaginated from this synopsis. Vlad's past looks like also to this Italian half vampire's one... It was supposed to be a male character  but casting would may us change... 



Hope is 16 years old when his parents die during a terrorist attack in London.

He is shocked and deeply upset. Because of his loneliness, he is scared by people although he is very well off and shouldn’t worry about his future. He doesn’t trust the estate manager who takes care of him and his properties and family investments, until his majority age.

In his childhood he had been weak and insecure, with an unstable health, very shy with everybody but with a strong bond with his mother. The relationship with his father had been sincere, based on respect and loyalty, they loved each other but his father was always absent for work, so Hope focused his world on the mother.

As a teenager he doesn’t seem to be stronger or able to define his personality somehow, he is very worried and anxious, after the loss of his parents he shuts himself in the huge villa in Kensington, in central London, and doesn’t go to school. His classmates don’t seem to be interested in him, nobody looks for him.

He withdraws into himself and tries to face his new reality: he is alone, confused, without friends or relatives. Hope understands he has to face psychological difficulties: his identity is very fragile, he loves music and arts but has never practiced to become a musician, a dancer or a painter. What about his future? To be rich is not enough, he feels urgency about something he cannot define, he desperately needs to identify the reasons hidden under his pains.

In an attempt to better understand himself and overcome uneasiness, he starts prying in his parents ‘s home, looking for a sign, an explanation, a direction. While rummaging in his mother’s papers he finds a box inside which a secret collection of old letters start unveiling part of his family past. The collection of letters goes along with a Diary: his grandfather’s diary.

The reading of the old papers reveal him his destiny and explain his troubles as difficult child and teenager: he has not only inherited and is now a wealthy boy , he has inherited something else: a power, the strongest power in the world: the spiritual power of the Vampires and, above all: Eternity.

His parents were human but his mother had been born human because her father had fallen in love and married with a human who contrasted him fiercely: his grandmother had refused to allow her husband transform her daughter into a vampire. And had won the battle: while passing away she had obtained the promise not to have her daughter trained as a vampire.

Hope is scared but very attracted by the novelty and likes the idea to become the most powerful vampire in Europe. He is in a mess now as he doesn’t know how to help himself: he discovers he is the one waited to awake his grandfather: without him he cannot be trained as vampire. But how? How could he defeat Death?

In some of the letters his grandfather wrote Lula, an Italian powerful Vampire: who seemed to be the only one able to help him, she had been such a close friend to his grandfather, she certainly knew how to help him! 

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