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Evita: Hello guys! My name is “ -“ and you are watching the NBE+ show special – “Love it or leave it”! If you remember, last week we were talking about Burma, and this week is all about….Latvia! Is it a country? Do they have electricity? Have they heard about Instagram? Shall we love it or leave it? We are going to find out that soon! And now, welcome our guests for from Africa (Kamila), USA (Anželika), Australia (Andrejs), New Zeland (Laila) and China (Alīna), as well as our Latvian experts (Toms and Olesja) ! (background applause sound). Hey guys! How are you? As you know our topic today is L-a-t-v-i-a. What do you guys know about Latvia?

saniKamila: I’ve heard they are very poor….poorer than Africa!

Evita: You may not be the only one who thinks so! We have carried out a survey to find out what people know about Latvia. Let’s watch!


(Cheap drinks)

(Street gangs and high crime level)

(Bears walking on the streets)

(Great nightlife)

(People are not smiling)

Evita: And now, as you all know, we are going to play a little game: I am going to ask you questions about Latvia and you have to give the right answer. Let’s do it!

Questions with images start to appear on the screen””

Evita: Question number one: Lithuania and Latvia is the same country. True or false?

Laila: Yes of course it is!

Evita: And what do you think?

: I think it’s the same……

Evita: Of course it’s not! It’s two different countries!

Kamila: Wow! I didn’t know!

Evita: Let’s move on… question: people we have interviewed think that Latvia is about as wild as wild west and even a werewolf is living there…. (wolf sounds)…..Latvians say they love their green forests but how much forest is actually there? Answers are: 12%, 30%, 50% and 100%.

Andrejs: It can’t be greener than Australia, so I think it’s 30%!

Alīna: Latvia is wild, so it’s 100%, I’m sure.

Evita: ….and the right answer is…..50%! Half of Latvia is covered in forest. At least it means that the other half has to be civilized, right? Let’s move on: Which of the following statements is true: Latvia is part of the USSR, Latvia is part of the European Union, Latvia is a part of Russia, Latvia is far up North?

Speaker 5: I have heard they have had -20 (minus twenty) degrees this winter, it has to be far up North!

Kamila: I’ve heard they have Russians there, it has to be a part of Russia!

Evita: You are all wrong! The right answer is Latvia in the European Union!

Everybody: Oh………….(with surprise)

Evita: OK, next question: what is the name of a female tennis player who recently won over Serena Williams and is now the 5th best in the world? The answers are: Maria Sharapova, Aliona Ostapenko, Anna Kurnikova, none of them?

Andrejs: I think it’s not true, they are all from Russia!

Alīna: No idea….

Laila: Me too…..

Evita: Ready to find out the right answer? Her name is Aliona Ostapenko, she is 20 years old and a real Latvian star!

Kamila: I would never guess!

Evita: And finally the last question: Latvians say they have very fast internet, but which place does it have in the world? Answers: 1st, 91st, 30th, 10th

Anželika: It can’t be better than in USA, it must be 30th

Alīna: I think the same!

Evita: In fact they have 10th place in world with the speed of 16.9 mbps!

Anželika: No way! They can’t have better speed than us Americans!

Evita: Game’s over guys! It’s about time for our experts from Latvia to have a word. What do you guys have to say?

Olesja: Thanks for inviting us today, we loved your show , we love our country very much and would like to share our feelings with you!

Toms: We are indeed very proud of our fast internet, great sportsmen like Aliona Ostapenko, second best light heavy weight boxer in the world Mairis briedis and our New York Knicks basketball star Kristaps Porzingis a.k.a “Zinger”…..

Olesja: our fine musicians like Raimonds Pauls and The Brainstorm!

Toms: but that’s not all……we love our nature, green summers and white winters….

Olesja: we are not wild! In fact, our capital city Riga has been the European Capital of Culture in 2014!

Toms: we are proud of our Art Nouveau architecture, and our mini Versailles – the Rundale castle…..

Olesja: …..the highest TV tower in Europe and the most modern Library ever!

Toms: we are proud, but we are not arrogant! We don’t smile all the time, but when we do, we smile from the heart!

Olesja: See you in Latvia, friends!

Background music by Brainstorm (Thunder without rain)

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