A tale made by Stendhal 's team

No one knew at school Boody was the son of a Vampire....well...of a Vampire and of a human.
His mother, Lula, was a charming housewife, during the day...but at one ever knew anything about her nights!!       

His father was Sebastiano Pirella, an Italian mechanic, a quite well-known one in the area, actually.
Boody was an only child, a peculiar one...
He knew every tricks to avoid to eat the food his mother every day, cooked for him: rare steaks...very rare, in a blood pudding! Lula was desperate about it, she feared her son wouldn't grow...but Boody was determined ...he hated that bloody food and threw it to his dog Budino, who waited under the table, to receive his favourite food!
Boody was very good at school, but...was not very loved by his classmates.                                       

He used to call them "Bui", his teacher of Italian recommended him to exercise to be able one day to pronounce properly that word...and many others, of course, even his own name ...Bloody...bulli...were Boody..bui or buies, he studied English and German at school with some efforts!!

Boody couldn't pronounce the L, what a Hell!!!

His problem caused him a sense of inferiority but somehow …
hid the possible "future" meaning of that name: Bloody....blood...!

Budino and his sincere nature helped Boody in his "peculiar" reaction to the Bloody steaks, but Boody was very sneaky and found another solution he called " the L Cure".

He started very early in his life, just after his mother's milk, to drink WOOLITE....SOFLAN...LANEL...MORBIDIL and eat  cereals, vegetables, legumes and!                                         

Boody was sure about it...if he assimilated the L, he would become smooth, soft and a lamb ...he loved lambs.. he loved animals...he was sorry for the fish...                                                   

During his adolescence, in his search for his identity, that bloody missing L, became a great problem.                   

His father wasn't of any help! He was a weak man, sometimes arrogant and very often...garrulous.

He wasn't a bad father...but weak...and Boody hated weak men!             

He couldn't say he loved his parents,  he was affectionate to them ...but he knew he was..."different"!                                               

He refused his mother because he couldn't recognize her odour. It seemed that all those detergents had altered his olfactory organs!!

She was a busy woman, always with something to do, but...there was something strange in her...Boody couldn't identify precisely what it was...He started with little secrets, but, after a while, he never told her anything about himself.
At school he was very smart, but often was annoyed and escaped to the Library, he loved reading books....above all he loved Geography and dreamed of travelling around the world....

Among his mates he only loved Grace, a blonde girl, delicate and tender...she reminded him of a lamb,  irresistibly attractive she was!! 

At first they were best friends but, after few years something changed and Boody started having confusing romantic dreams, and... scaring nightmares. 


He couldn't cope with the feeling of guilt and excitement...both intriguing and confusing!    Above all he was attracted by a certain scent emanating from her breath and neck ...lilacs or floral tubers...may be wild roses... He started observing her, almost analysing every single details of her face and body. 

But her neck and throat were the parts which mostly attracted him.

Her neck...and a pulsing vein...which pulsed more and more...he could perceive the rhythm of her pulsed in his stomach, and in his brain!!                       

Boody   woke up at night embarassed and scared...he didn't know what to think! Very confused he decided to ask for help...but who? He couldn't trust anyone but this time he decided to talk with his mother and ask her for help.   

Lula wasn't surprised at all, she had now an opportunity to unveil her own secrets!

She revealed him his real, dreadful nature..and the privilege of being eternal and powerful among humans...with a human body but with a different destiny!!

Boody was scared by his mother and refused to listen any longer....Eternity...what was that?..He could give Grace biting her deeply sucking her blood...what...what had it to do with his true feelings? He had imagined another walks in the wood..parties and holidays....No...not at all...Boody was shocked by his mother's speech...start a different and better destroying what he loved...NO...          Lula was so excited because of her son's mutation, and didn't even realize he had rushed away.               

Boody was frightened, worried...and furious!!! He went to school to ask Grace for help but she wasn't there. He met the Bui instead, in front of the school and here had another shocking experience: he was assaulted by the Bui, insulted and savagely  beaten.               Boody luckily escaped and hid himself  in a bus, confused and tired. When he got off, he was alone in the dark, it was night and freezing.                                 

Boody was mad about everything: he wanted to leave home for ever and burn down the school....I might blow up inside it ...killing everybody..or...slaughter the by one...or..Grace...that traitor...why was she not at school?                                       

Boody couldn't understand why but, at the climax of his delirious, he imagined was sorry, so sad about it that fainted and fell asleep, under a tree!               He slept profoundly for hours and when he woke up was astonished by the beauty of the night ...the sky was such a many stars in the many. Immense!      His dog Budino, was near him, happy to see him calm and regenerated. Budino slapped his face and danced around trying to capture his attention but, Boody was undergoing a metamorphosis.

The only idea of sucking Grace's throat had disgusted him so much that he now was definitely another person.

He had changed his destiny! He would have never been a Vampire. Never.

After a short trip to school he met Grace, She was happy to see him and tied his hand firmly! A real life was there: Love! And...oh what a surprise! The L...Boody could spell the L now..and his name was Bloody...yes! Without blood!         

He decided it was time to tell mother about it! Grace smiled and tied his hand for ever! Budino? He became a vegetarian!

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