This text was written before C4 by Ramona and the "Iulian Pop" team. It was a basis for a silent show that Romanian students played in Cesme. From this Transylvanian production was given us the idea to describe together a travel with some troubles to be overcome by a young vampire, this narrative becoming our transnational synopsis. Starting from London was a way to rewrite Bram Stoker's book. Sanita had the first indicated idea to make our characters to go from a country to another one in the same order we had conretely  follow in our partnership....


title : Make your choice


Our story is about you! A normal human taken by fears and courage like it’s in our real life.

The night is almost over, the alarm rings and it’s time to wake up.


As soon you wake up, the fear and the courage are catching you.



In real life are many troubles. All what it happens every day: difficulties, violence, fear and failure can mean positive experience if you have courage enough and if you face and overcome all situations; if you are able to assume what it happens to you.


Sometimes travel is like a drama. Stereotypes and fears about foreigners have bad impacts on our freedom. People are afraid by crashes and violence and hungry against insecurity and terrorism they believe to be stronger outside of their homeland. They are shocked by unusual behavior (from the point of view) like homosexuality. And they do not accept immigration.


If you want enjoy life, increase your human skills: manly acceptance and tolerance. Be peaceful, open to diversity. Then, you will be free and can cross all the frontiers.


Self reliance or irrational fears: You must make your choice.


We did. We have chosen to be part of a European project founded by the European Union!

We will show you our story on Saturday and we hope you like it. 

partenariat ERASMUS+ NUITS BLANCHES NBE+ 2015-2018 et eTwinning ILARGIA / coordination internationale Vanderplancke P-L / EUROPEAN LEAGUE OF TEACHERS SINCE 2018