NEVER ENDING DELUSION (a Turkish synopsis)

We have a lot of fears. Fear of flying fear of darkness or being alone. He has a lot of fears but ambitions Of to beat them as well. For instance he doesn't know where to begin. He can't tell anyone because he is afraid of to be judged. Suddenly he thinks & says "I have to beat my fear. I may go to my best friend or a stranger" Maybe he can go somewhere that he goes for the first time & tell one of the elder men and confide as well.

Flag of Turkey.svgDo you want to know who is?


A boy who is struggling for the future of people.

He is the one who had read science magazines & comics since childhood. They bought a TV in 2006. Batman was the first film that he saw but the ads

just before the final scence disappointed him. That night he saw himself drowning in the ads sea in his dream.

He was clever boy. Everyone has smart phone because of the changes in era. He also uses social network sites much. If the "likes" increases his self confidence increases as well , when they decreases it decreases too.

That day , his battery was nearly over , he ran through the plug and saw a writing on the black screen. "We know you & we are coming for you" his mum saw it too. This writing was told on TV , social network sites in the whole world. If it is a hacker , it will be terrifying because they can do whatever they want.

It is told that they could be aliens too the next day a white "7" was seen on the virtual screens. What does it mean ? Scientist , stateman , nobody , could answer it. This situation frightened everyone much. If it was the number of the day that human being will survive , something has to be done immediately.

Authorities started on emergency project by handing out some survey questions and everyone was wanted to be answered subjectively. Meric also sent his answer and was chosen among millions of people "I am only firefighter" He said himself "Why did they choosen me ?" They were wanted to choose a group and make research about special subjects.

Meric woke up to a new day like every morning in darkness and alone. No social activities no friends.

He thought as usual but the results weren't for himself or anyone. He turned on his pc and wrote "How to find social environment?" on the search engine technological clubs , theatre , art , dance virtual reality , computer games , Siber life. The most suitable one for him was a club related is to interdisciplinary. He thought of artificial intelligent.

He didn't know whatever he has enough time or not but does he have another choice ? He had workshops on artificial intelligent but they found that artificial intelligent which is better than human

beings was in a computer in Japan. When they wake into account the way of working & the energy. They will need to develop another artificial intelligent. Whatever they did to develop to artificial intelligent , there were a lots of missing parts. I want to tell that in what ways you show a dog, people know that it is a dog but the artificial intelligent can not understand whatever is a cat, a dog or another creature.

Suddenly Meric remembered that he was only 9. He was pure & energetic. He cycles with his friends every day. One day he was cycling with blowing, wind, speed & fun. While he was turning the corner ,

he met a huge , black , horrible dog & it began to chase him. What does he do ? Of course he ran

away but he his a little kid. Don't you run away either? While he was running away, he didn't notice the bus and it hit him. He has buries everywhere on his face, arms he was taken to hospital and

operated successfully. Now he had a permanent scar & fear of dog.

Time passed quickly. Merig who was trying to project everyone around him although he couldn't beat his fears was a project coordinator of artificial intelligent club and a 28 year old firefighter . Meric & his team went to an event that happened in Guzelbahce which is very beautiful in October. The fire got bigger until they got there, the natives were trying to put out the fire fortunately they took the fire under control. But there was a problem. There were still people inside. Rescue team rescued them under hard ciramstances successfully . A girl named Selin hugged Meric & Said -Lisa, Lisa is inside ! Please rescue her !

+Where ? Which House ?

-B Block number 5 in living room please help !

Meric immediately reached that flat, He tried to open the door but he couldn't. He had to rescue Lisa. Suddenly he thought of laser saw & opened the door by cutting in with saw. The flat was full of smoke he tried to reach the living room. He shouted

+Where are you Lisa I'm here for to help !

No voice. He reached the living room but he frozen. He didn't know what to do. He was sweating because of the fear not he temperature . He turned back and left the flat. What happened ? Why he ran away ? He was running until that moment.


Lisa that he went to rescue was a dog which he was firefighter for years. The noise was so loud that he stopped for a moment as it time stopped. He didn't know what to do. Yes, he was escaping from a dog. Would he leave the dog to death or could he beat his fear? Selin was crying outside. He change

his mind and went to Lisa. The dog was crying with fear as well. He left the flat with Lisa. Lisa's for

turned into black because of smoke. Lisa's smiling face and Selin's happiness was great from that moment Meric's life change a lot Of & beated his fear of dog or thought so. But fears follow the other, don't they ? His fear was over but he was worried about his future.

They had less than a year to complete their project. The other countries attack stored weapons because of the Aliens will attack rumors. That's why they were always looking up. The comments on artificial intelligent were not good either. If artificial intelligent decide to make bad decisions we will have a disaster end worse than alien attack. Some think that we would try. He tought what is missing

for long hours, days & week, At last he decided that to direct thinking from is not enough. They

succeeded in transpassing emotions to the artificial intelligent but why they couldn't have

improvement. The only way was connect artificial intelligent to internet. After connection the time was over and artificial intelligent with outlook of Lisa opened eyes & smiled and everyone thought of a single writing.


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