Vlad's trip Fifth scene in English - Transnational dialogue


DUEL / A dialogue written by Maritime High School's team and a very little bit transformed...

Characters : Count Dracula (Tuğkan BÜYÜKETİ) and The Doctor (Emir TÜRKMEN) Vlad, Hope and  the Queen

Cesme fortress

Dracula is not dead. He plotted to trap his nephew in order to save himself from the magic jail he was kept. First he is speaking to his "doctor"...

boatsC.D. (coughs and in a sad voice) What do you say doctor? What is my condition? Will l be able to get out of this bad spell? For 30 years this spell has made me weak. I was Count Drakula, the king of vampires giving horror to the world for centuries! How is it that I stay in pain this damned bad? Speak doctor? Do you want me to give your weak body to death hounds?

Doctor: (In fear) Forgive me, sir!. As a result of a long term research, I can reassure you are the victim of a sorcery ... We have to find the magic sword that your enemies took away from you 30 years ago. It’s the only way, I’m already told you. Somebody or a kin of yours must get it back, or else you’ll get weaker and more feeble in power...

C.D: Then tell me where this damned sword is. And how could I leave this jail to find it. You know I am not able to move from here.. I would vanish in the air if I try.

Dr. : It is not easy, sir. Indeed, you are sick. You can’t do it yourself. But you have no son...

C.D: You are right, l think. That’s the reason why I had to call me my nephew, Vlad. He’s coming straight from my castle in Transylvania. Iulian Popescu managed to get him there.

Dr. : Hay hay sir !...

(to public) : an offspring of Dracula here ? He’s in such a good shape, it’s time he saved me (to the count) But the thruth is that nobody knows what happened to your sword (he’s running)

Vlad is coming from Cluj by magic transportation

C.D: Come my child. I have something to talk to you. (Caughing) How are you? Ok? I’m your uncle, Dracula.You owe me your belonging to the vampire’s race.

Vlad: (In anger) How can l be? How dare you come and ask! I live a cursed life due to you. I’ve found out you’re apparently dead, then I’m told I’m a vampire, a prince, the king of the Night ; I’d really like to be left alone !

Hope and the Blonde girl are appearing

Hope (To Dracula): Majesty ! It’s an honor to meet you.

CD: Who is this one ?

Hope: I’m a friend of your nephew. I met him in Rome and help him the best way I can. Thanks to me, werewolves from the North have recognized him as their king. That is, count Dracula, who believed was gone forever !

CD: I see, my nephew’s got good friends

(To public):  The boy  conspires to become a great power, that’s for sure. We’d better get rid of him…

Hope: Let me introduce the Beauty Queen to you

C.D: We haven’t got time to waste with women today ! I haven’t put you into this on purpose. In fact I do nnt understand why you did come with my nephew. Perhaps my spell was a bit too strang ?

CD (In a calm voice, to Vlad) My Nephew : your mother did it, not me : and you know that. She was also a vampire. If you are an half vampire it is because she was too romantic.

Vlad: End of discussion, l’m going back to Cluj.... Don’t you worry, I’ll give you the castle in Transylvania, since you’re not dead. Liar!

(A few steps and)

C.D: You are right, and so right. I’m not dead, I haven’t passed away, that’s certain. However, I’m dying and I need you. For 30 years I have lost all my power and could not leave this place. My strengths left me, which is unbearable for a vampire, it’s because of fate and only a family member can work this out. The doctor expleined that to me

Vlad: Die, then! (He turns away...)

C.D: (Speaking instantly) I can give you your freedom. In exchange for your help ...

Vlad:( Shocked and turning) How? How? Come on, you mean you get into the state of human being ? Able to be in the sun and lead a normal life?

C.D: No, you’ll only be free when you become a complete vampire and I can explain you how this can be alone.

Vlad: Speak!

C.D: First, I wish you to find a special magic object. I guess you’ll have to kill the thief who owns it. I need it to get my power back

Vlad: No way! I don’t waste my time. No! And I’m not a murderer C.D: But you kill to live. You drink blood.

Vlad: No, I don’t. I survive with animal blood. I will never kill anyone.

C.D: (Angry) Idiot! I promise you the power...and you reject that! Your grieve will end and again you will be un half-human rejected by everybody

Vlad: (Thinking and a few seconds later) What object is it all about, in fact ?

C.D: My sword, my precios magic sword. I was deprived of it a long time ago and it was thrown into the catacombs in Rome

Hope : !!!!

Vlad: I agree, I think I know who has the sword and I might get it back without killing anyone. (to Hope) don’t worry, I’ll borrow from you and soon return it to you

CD: My own nephew? Accomplice of a thief ? I’ll strangle you...

Vlad: I’m not afraid of you. It’s you, uncle, who should be afraid, not me.I want to use this sword to heal you.

CD: It’s true ? Impeccable ! Dear nephew, worthy of his lineage.How you remind me of myself when I was your age !

Vlad: I’ll heal you, on one condition…I want to keep the sword, afterwards. No question about returning it to you.

CD: What ? It’s mine.

Vlad: I would first of all need it to save my mother, your sister. For she has never returned from her tomb in the Pyrenees Mountains

CD: Ouch, my nephew : it’s the terrible Izen Gabea, who buried her in a cave.You’ll have to reclaim my sword and kill him to set your mother free.

Hope: I’ll do it for you, Vlad !

The Blonde girl: what a hero!

CD: Why does this half-wit interfere?

Vlad: He has got your famous sword, and he’s my friend. We are leaving for France, right away !

CD: What about my recovery ?

Hope reaches out his sword to Vlad, who grasps it, steps forward towards Dracula and pierces him.


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