Vlad's trip Fourth scene in English - Transnational dialogue


A TRAP / written by PLV and RZ, translation : MG.

Fergie, the butler, Vlad, Hope and the Queen (Blonde girl). Actors from Roma (Hope) and Cluj-Napoca.

A castle in Transilvania, next to Cluj-Napoca

Fergie walking up and down the dining-room of a romanian rich mansion. She is waiting for news about her husband she has lost in Roma.

Fergie (to herself): Vlăduţ Murray ! I hate you!

(to the public): It’s been three days since I’ve been waiting for him here! This castle is very nice, but after all … my husband should be here with me.And there is nothing I can do without his signature : nether sell, nor rent. I can’t even go back to London… I’m out of money. What a life he’s making me live! I’m afraid he won’t ever get here. How have I lost him in Rome ?

The butler: The lady needn’t worry. Lord Vlad is not going to be late.

C04branFergie: You have already told me that the other day ! And what do you know about it, after all ? There is no telephone here, it’s just this funny computer that I can neither use, nor shut down.

The butler: Don’t touch it, Madam ! It’s the Count’s computer.

Fergie: But considering he’s dead !

The butler: The Count left the device here at the request of Lord Vlad.

Fergie (sitting down, in despair): Lord Vlad here, Lord Vlad there! If only my Vlăduţ was here !

He enters, she happily dashes upon him, but the blonde comes next...

Fergie retiring , then turning away: It’s what’s been missing, that he should bring me a daughter ! Who’s this blonde, where does this creature of the night come from ? Vladie, explain it to me, or else you’ll face misfortune !

Vlad: Stop it ! Stop calling these names defying my dignity.And don’t you make this young girl feel uneasy, please.

The blonde: I am the queen,Vlad has chosen me !

Hope (entering in her turn, is sitting in front of the computer without apparently seeing Fergie to whom she doesn’t say a word. Then talking to Vlad and the beauty queen): Come … He springs out a strange seduction from this screen.. Oh, how interesting things are over her...

Fergie: Interesting things? Pay a bit of attention to me, gang of mad fools !

She has a nervous breakdown, and fails to notice that the other three vanish into the screen

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