Vlad's trip Third scene in English - Transnational dialogue


A BEAUTY CONTEST / scene written by Rigas.18's students and teachers ; at the end: a little addition by RZ and PLV

Characters : Vlad (played no more by  Alex but Vlad), Hope and eight students from Latvia [Speaker: Toms Henrijs Puriņš (+ regulates presentation, music ... etc.) - Werewolf: Andrejs Semjono - White lady: Olesja Steļmačonoka - Back lady: Evita Petroviča - Pink girl: Kamila Tihomirova - Red girl: Anzelika Braima - Green girl: Laila Jansone - Blue girl: Alīna Paršakova]

At Rigas' werewolf court

Hope and Vlad are with the speaker : (they stay hidden from the young ladies)


The speaker : Many young people nowadays dream to be popular and acknowledged on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter. For the most part they fear being unpopular among their peers. For the young and immature, it seems that popularity is driven by the amount of "likes", positive comments, followers and "shares". Many youngsters falsely assume that if you are absent from social networks - you do not exist! In attempt to popularize themselves, young people take photos and videos, sometimes of controversial nature, in order to post them on social media with the aim to outdo or at least to be in line with those influencing their views and opinions. Often they take hundreds of selfies in order to selects just one that seems more or less all right. At other times, chasing the terrific, challenging and attention grabbing selfies the young risk their lives.


One of the aims of our play is to let us realize that it's not the number of "likes" and virtual popularity that defines our worth, but rather the personal qualities, attitudes, skills, our deeds and relationships with the world around us.

Another aim is to reflect on the fact that it's important to do what you are good at and what makes you happy and content with yourself.

We are all fabulous, it's important to always remember that!

Be confident my friends!

Lightning the stage

Red girl: I want to be popular to get more and more likes

Pink girl: I want to be popular so that the coolest boy at school is mine...

Blue girl: I want to be popular so that all the girls are jealous...

Green girl: I want to be popular to be respected

Red girl: I want to be popular to become an actress and be even more popular...

Blue girl: I want to be popular because it`s popular to be popular...

Green girl: Am I beautiful?

Pink girl: Is my hair pretty?

Red girl: Is my voice convincing?

Blue girl: Does this make-up suit me?

Pink girl: Look! What a lipstick!

Blue girl: You have to see my new lip-gloss!

Green girl: Watch my new eyebrows shadow!

Red girl: Wow, cool highlighter!

Blue girl: Beauty is the first step at becoming popular…

Red girl: How to stat fit?

Pink girl: Listen, let`s do some black magic and stuff and invite some old spirit which knows lots about beauty and old time secrets.

Green girl: Take a candle, let`s do it!

All girls together: Oh wise, old, fabulous and glamorous, please show your face and let us talk to you! Oh wise, old, fabulous and glamorous, please show your face and let us talk to you! Oh wise, old, fabulous and glamorous, please show your face and let us talk to you!

Pink girl: Who are you, a hairy and smelly creature?

Werewolf: I`m a Latvian Warewolf from Latvian forests! I`m old and wise as you wished!

Green girl: Wait, what...??? We have no idea who are you!

Red girl: Back off! You need a good shave...

Pink girl: ...and a shower! Ewww!

Blue girl: We were waiting for a king

Green girl: Or some prince at least...

Red girl: Or a knight with the horse thing..

White lady: Who are you monster? What are you doing here?

Black lady: Wait, I`ve seen you before...

Werewolf: I`m telling one more time! I`m Werewolf from Latvian forests! I`m wise and experienced, I have lived many lands for many years under many rulers!

Pink girl: How to be a popular girl? Can you help me?

Blue girl: How to never give up?

Green girl: "I'm still not good enough."

White lady: OK, girls, lets speak about how to be popular nowadays....

Werewolf: Let’s talk how to be more popular! As you already call me out...! I know what you girls dreamed about!

Black lady: If you want to become popular, focus on being a likable person.... Girls, help me explain...

Red girl: Having a lot of friends can provide you with social support.... to get more likes on Facebook or Instagram...

Pink girl: Maybe, do some sport to have a bigger bottom like a Kardashian?

White lady: If you want to make more friends, you have to focus on socializing outside the classroom...

Green girl: Social media can help you be popular... Facebook, Twitter, Instagram... and a big bottom! It also helps...

Werewolf: Girls, but how do I become more popular? I want to be as popular as my cousin Jacob Black from Twilight! Can you teach me how to apply makeup? Shall I shave my face? Paint my nails?  Everybody has problems, not just you girls!

White lady: Historically, many of the most loved people were also among the most hated while they were alive.

Black lady: For example Jesus Christ

White lady: Italian scientist Giordano Bruno

Black lady: US president Abraham Lincoln

White lady: musician John Lennon

Black lady: They were all assassinated for spreading messages of love and understanding, science ....

Werewolf: Be true to yourself and be confident!

White lady: We want everyone to like us, but we shouldn’t. But we can be happy without everyone liking us...

Black lady: The quantity of "Likes" under your selfies doesn`t define you! We need to be sure that all we are beautiful. Let’s girls say together….

All girls together: We are the best because we all are beautiful…

Blue girl: We were waiting for a king

Green girl: Or some prince at least...

Vlad and Hope turn up

Hope : All these girls are beautiful, but only one will be crowned by the king.

The girls, in unison: A king ?Where ?Yes, we want a king !

Hope: He’s here, it’s him: The Prince of the Night !

Vlad (very emphatically) : WE DECIDED THE MOST BEAUTIFUL IS …

(playing) this young girl!

The girls: But which one ? Which one?

Vlad reaches out his hand and all of them get stiff except for a blond girl: This one!

Hope: Good for you ! Excellent choice…

Werewolf: Happy to meet the new king of Vampires….

Hope: You’ll let all know that Vlad Dracul claims his inheritance. I am his friend. You see my power (he takes out his sword and feigns a fight).

Vlad and thje girl are walking to get out.. Hope joins them.

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