DAY 5 - cinquième jour 2018/04/28

JOUR 5 le Samedi 28 avril - CLOSING DAY

Ceremony at 11.00 am


certificates of attendance


Cérémonie de Clôture

Réunion des porteurs de projet et fondation d'une Association Internationale



FREE TIME (transnational teams)


[Izen Gabea is a Basque Vampire, thinking only to stay free and independant, acting as a protector for Lamias and local magic creatures. He's afraid by changement... but he dared to fight against Dracula. He has beaten the King of Vampires and has given to Roman ghosts his magic sword. His habbit is to hunt every foreign creatures coming from outside and he probably killed Vlad's mother -  but, at he end of the story, he accepts to deal with Vlad and Hope, and is falling in love with the so beautiful young lady from Riga.] IZEN GABEA  A PEUR DE L'ACCULTURATION ET DU CHANGEMENT mais sa xénophobie légendaire fond devant la séduction de la dame verte et les arguments de Vlad.


partenariat ERASMUS+ NUITS BLANCHES NBE+ 2015-2018 et eTwinning ILARGIA / coordination internationale Vanderplancke P-L / EUROPEAN LEAGUE OF TEACHERS SINCE 2018