IZEN GABEA : The Basque Vampire



LE PERSONNAGE D'IZEN GABEA est le dernier en scène dans notre spectacle transnational. Sa propension à enterrer les vampires et autres créatures étrangères venues se reposer dans les grottes pyrénéennes est comme un réminiscence du Mythe d'Hercule dont la fiancée, Pirene, a été enterrée sous la montagne. 

Izen Gabea is a Basque vampire who is afraid of foreigners. This character is extracted from a synopsis written by "Première L" students in 2016-2017. In "Vlad's Trip...." Izen Gabea is an old enemy of Dracula and a vampire killer. He probably made Vlad's mother disappear, as many other night creatures,  because he wanted to keep  Basque Country free of foreign visitors. Acting as the Laminas protector (Laminas are local magic creatures) he never obeyed to Lord Dracula.  Surprisingly, he is negociating with Vlad and Hope at the last scene. Perhaps he is tired of being a rebel or he overcomes his fear because he is falling in love with the Beauty Queen...

A movie made by VP to summarize Izen Gabea (Synopsis about Xenophobia / Fear of globalization)

partenariat ERASMUS+ NUITS BLANCHES NBE+ 2015-2018 et eTwinning ILARGIA / coordination internationale Vanderplancke P-L / EUROPEAN LEAGUE OF TEACHERS SINCE 2018