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A part of the speeches (Lectures done in May, 2017 during C4 short-term exchange)

Vampire in Turkish Culture: Blood Drinking Extraordinary Creatures in Turkish Culture with Reference to Turkish World Narratives and Beliefs

Vampire is an imagination of extraordinary creature that is specifically drinking blood. Vampire is a naming of this imagination that belongs the European cultures. The origin of the blood drinking extraordinary creature imaginations is very ancient and there are narYEKratives and beliefs in so many cultures in the world. In Turkish culture, there are imaginations that drink blood and have extraordinary features, too. In this verbal notice, the vampire imaginations in Turkish culture has been researched. First, the meaning of word “vampire”, its mythic concept and how it’s been used as a term is explained and definition of vampire has been created. Then, with reference to Turkish world narratives and beliefs, information about Obur, Yalmavuz and Yek/Yek İçkek and the other creatures that fit to this definition have been took place. In this part, some creatures like Albastı, Cadı, Dev and Emegen that are different beings but have some features that fit to vampire definition has been researched. As a result, structural features of this creatures in Turkish culture has been determined.

The Oldest One “Yek”: An Ancient Vampire/Demon From Turkish Culture
     Supernatural beings like vampires or demons attract a great deal of our attention. So how do we define these beings? Of course, there are many studies on this .

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