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400 Year old traditional “Geisterzug” in Blankenheim


Made by some pupils od Gesamtshule Eifel (Teacher Mrs Tanja Tschernoster)

The „Geisterzug“ is part of a traditional carnival festival in Blankenheim. Every year on Saturday evening of carnival thousands of people come to join the “Geisterzug” of Blankenheim.

Its tradition reaches up to year 1613, where the inhabitants of Blankenheim, dressed with a white sheet , started running through the inner city of Blankenheim shouting out loudly:

„Juh jah, Kribbel en der Botz
Wer dat net hätt, dä es nix notz!
Juh jah, Kribbel en der Botz
De Fassenach es do!

Ne richtige Fastelovensjeck

The meaning of this traditional run through the inner City of Blankenheim was to make the winterdemons disappear from the region.
The main gost is always the selected prince of the carnival season of the year.

AUTHORS Emily Karwanska, Esther Meusel, Lena Bühl, Louis Lessing, Leyla Kaya  


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