LATVIAN ORNAMENTS / All you need to fight against Night and Fears


A slide about the traditional way to overcome fears and evil things in Baltic area.


As you can see in NBE+ PARTNERSHIP section (clicking SHORT TERM EXCHANGES add) a part of the explanations were given by Mrs Prof Inetta Romanovska to students during C2 study travel (the goals' checking was posted in French) : some transnational worshops were implemented in order to build together some modern amulets !

The process

How to make students work about ancient myths Baltic peoples protection signs, rituals.  
The expert (Ineta) came first to Rigas.18 school to showa  presentation about Baltic protection signs.
After the theory, there were also practical workshops:
1) Students tried to find their personal old Baltic sign in "Lielvarde's belt" (which is supposed to address them, and they must feel the warmth of their hands). When the sign was found Ineta explained the meaning of it.
This exercise was done first with Latvian people then during C2 meeting with foreign visitors.
Other workshops were trannsatinal activities implemented in the short term exchange.
2) Students have to drew the ancient sign of protection they had choosen.
3) After the lecture made by Ineta, the students complete a test. (See further)
4) A study tour after a second lecture dedicated to all the "Baltic protection signs and rituals" was organized to strengthen and upgrade knowledge.
Students visited the Museum of the Sun and learnt about Solstices. They participated in some creative workshops, where they painted their personal suns (a sign of protection and life).
5) At the end was implemented a creative workshop "Candle casting". Students were able to make candles and add some sunshine to their candle. 
European strategic partnership
  "Erasmus+ Nuits Blanches"
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Saint-Jean-de-Luz - FRANCE
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