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This Website was put on line first to show you some of studies and selected productions from our students involved in the pedagogic program ILARGIA. This eTwinning project  was founded in 2015 and did join the 5 partners of the Erasmus+ project  "NUITS BLANCHES" NBE+ but also some other european high schools....                                      

The main subject of our common works was the old fears, especially Dracula Myth and local traditions. That's the reason why we hope you'll not be too frightened reading this content !


Enjoy it ! The NBE+ project holders  :   V Peraudeau and P-L Vanderplancke  (for french team, in  Lycée Maurice Ravel) /  A Soriente (for italian team in IIS Via Emery) /  S Meziniece and O Vinovograd (for Rigas.18 Vidduskola) / S Gungyör (for Ulusoy High School) -  And others partners involved in ILARGIA eTwinning only  T Tschernöster / C Trasca / Other redactors....




eTwinning PROGRAM

1st Year: 2015-2016 - QUESTION OF THE ORIGINS                                                                                                                                                                                                              - Studies about holiday traditions and nocturnal myths related to the calendar rhythm : first comparative approach (festivals , beliefs , calendars ?) after collation of researches conducted in each schools.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 - More specific studies on the scientific explanations of myths (including witches)                                                                                                                                                          

- The economic impact of festivals , and so on... ( depending on the skills and motivation of the teaching staff ) .                                                                                                           - Privileged literary and historical approach in France - focused on the creatures of the night views in the program of exploration "Literature and Society" ( a teaching in which fifty students will be probably involved)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   - Joint practical production and / or exchanged through ICST throughout the year. It is therefore of images, sounds , text , etc. immaterial productions - Creating a shared blog.


The aim was to invent a modern version of the legend (e-book ? ) and we did wish also try to develop real encounters.


Because of the acceptation by the UE of our KA2 project "Nuits Blanches" NBE+ most of participants made short time exchanges of pupils and were engaged in transnational meetings, beginning a 3 years program (partnership)  fonded by Erasmus+ The UE supports make us able to perform a FESTIVAL in 2018 to play some rewrites and to realize a common study about old and new fears. So, partners in NBE+ decided to close their eTwinning cooperation by the publication of this webzine. From next winter they will be focused on present and future times ! This on line project is also a training task before to publish the "Festival Nuits Blanches" website.

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